Change to Chill Training Sessions Making an Impact on Teenage Stress Management

In communities across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, positive role models are learning how to help teens recognize and cope with the stress in their lives. Change to Chill has been at the forefront of this growing effort, as our team has been busy providing training sessions for community members. Our attendees are interested in learning about the strategies and resources they can use to help their students, youth program members, relatives and other teens take a more mindful approach to teenage stress management.

We recently provided successful training sessions in two North Metro communities. The first was held on Oct. 25 at the White Bear Lake City Hall and another on Oct. 28 at the Centennial Library. Our goal was to help adult community members understand the challenges today’s teens face, and teach them how to provide helpful resources that make a difference in combating mental health challenges. By collaborating with people who truly care, training sessions like these have made a positive impact we’re proud to be a part of.

Getting Proactive with Teen Mental Health

Our efforts come at an important time, as statistics compiled by the Minnesota Department of Education’s 2019 Minnesota Student Survey (MSS) show an increase in the number of high schoolers who have had mental health concerns lasting six months or more. It’s clear that today’s teens need easily accessible and useful resources to tackle mental health issues.

So how can a teenager relieve stress? During our training sessions, we emphasized how the resources found on the Change to Chill website can serve as a starting point for teens who want to develop strategies to improve their mental health. From our guide to Mindfulness to our exercises for Life Balance, we want to make it as easy as possible for teens to find the guidance and support they need. Helping community members direct teens to our resources is an effective way to make a positive impact on their lives.

Training Difference Makers

The types of people who attend our training sessions are those who truly care about the well-being of the teens in their lives. These advocates help teens stand up to the growing number of daily stressors, so they can develop effective strategies that become second nature. Many of our attendees remember just how stressful teen years can be, and want to do everything they can to make a positive impact on their communities.

We have held nearly 100 training sessions across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, and that number continues to grow. One factor in the success of our program has been the real input we receive from teens themselves. We work with high school interns who understand the unique stressors found in today’s fast-paced world and provide an experience-based perspective for our resource development. Together with empathetic adults, these teens are helping to improve mental health outcomes for their peers.

How You Can Help

Our recent trainings are a small part of our growing efforts. If you’re interested in hosting a free training event, you can find out how by requesting more information. Want to attend a scheduled training event? Simply register for our Train the Trainer sessions and plan on making a difference.