Meet the Experts

Supporting Supporters is hosted by a number of licensed psychologists in Allina Health’s clinical mental health and addiction services line. Read more about each of them below.

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Tonya Freeman, PsyD, LP

Tonya is an early lifespan primary care psychologist at Allina Health. She grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where at an early age, she showed an aptitude for connecting with and advocating for others. She believes that therapy is a relational and collaborative process, requiring that each patient is viewed through a comprehensive, holistic lens. In her personal life, Tonya enjoys biking, camping, reading, spending time outdoors, and practicing yoga. 

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David Nathan, PsyD, LP

David is a licensed psychologist with Allina Health. He specializes in helping boys, young men and their families work through issues. The son of two St. Paul public school teachers, David recognized at an early age the importance of helping guide our youth. He is an advocate for getting students the resources they need, supporting their success in both school and life. In his free time, he loves getting outdoors, reading, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. 

Heather Crabtree, PhD, LP

Heather is a psychologist specializing in child and teen psychology with special interests in ADHD, depression, anxiety and psychological assessment. She often partners with schools, appreciating the substantial impact that school personnel can have on students’ lives. Heather has always been passionate about listening to others’ life stories and helping them overcome adversity. Outside of her career, she loves hosting family activities, gardening, hanging out with her pets, reading, and traveling.

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Sarah Paper, PsyD, LP

Sarah is a psychologist with Allina Health specializing in child and teen psychology with special interests including ADHD, parenting, trauma, body image/eating disorders, self-harm, and delinquency. Having always been interested in the emotional experiences of others, Sarah became a psychologist to help others learn to access, express, and tolerate uncomfortable emotions. She is honored to get to be the person who people trust to guide them through this process. In her personal life, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, laughing with others, and eating lots of good food.

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Jaime Zander

Jaime is a primary care psychologist with Allina Health, working out of the Buffalo Clinic. 

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