Flip the Script

Last week was Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus this year was on supporting mental health conversations between parents/guardians and their children.

Over the past year, youth have been able to spend more time with their primary caregivers, however, many are grieving the loss of peer interactions, social connections and time spent in person with other caring adults in their lives such as extended family, coaches, educators, therapists and other community members. Many children and teens have also missed out on important rites of passage.

Children and youth learn from adults they are taught to respect and depend on –  their parents/guardians, caregivers, In these roles, we impact how children and youth think about and care for their own mental health and how they treat others who experience mental health challenges.

Check out these resources from Change to Chill to start your own conversations with important youth in your life around mental health.

Resources for Children

Visit Change to Chill’s sister program, Health Powered Kids, for resources designed for children age 3-14.