Try meditation

Learning some easy techniques can help you think clearly, make good decisions and manage whatever comes your way. Simple meditation is one way you can do that.

Different people like different types of meditations. If you would like to try meditation, there are some written descriptions here as well as some audio and video files that you can use. Try a couple of them that seem appealing, or try all of them. Chances are you’ll find something that you like and that helps you feel more calm and able to deal with the world.


Watch this meditation video
and feel your stress melt away.

Get Focused

Learning to focus works to calm you and relieve stress.
Listen to the audio


“Get Focused” meditation script (pdf)

Head-to-Toe Relaxation

After you tense and release every part of your body, you’ll feel lighter and less stressed.
Listen to the audio

“Head-to-Toe Relaxation” meditation script (pdf)

Awareness Experiment

This short experiment gives you a taste of mindfulness. The instructions are very simple.

Listen to the audio


“Awareness Experiment” meditation script (pdf)

Just Breathe
To de-stress fast, take a few minutes to breathe and observe that rhythm of expansion and contraction.
Listen to the audio


“Just Breathe” meditation script (pdf)