New Year, New You!

Learn how to better manage stress and anxiety in a changing environment with Let's Talk Wellness in January and February!

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Watch one or more of our virtual Lets Talk Wellness sessions!

Our series runs Thursdays, January 14 – February 4 from 12-12:45PM (CST).

Welcome to 2021….New Year, New You!  Let’s put self-care as a priority this year!  In this presentation series we will show you how to start caring for yourself, what it means to manage stress, self-compassion and we will also take time to practice techniques that make a big difference in our health and wellness.


Let’s Talk Wellness Series:

January 14: Let’s Manage Stress
What is stress?  How does it impact our physical and mental health?  Learning about stress and how it can affect you is the first step in becoming aware of how to better deal with negative stressors.  What may work for you to manage stress usually takes time and practice.  We will also talk about the positive side to stress and how being aware of what stresses us out can lead to our values and purpose in life.
View the recording here. 
January 21: Let’s Live Resiliently
What does it mean to have psychological resilience?  When we have the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly, we have the ability to protect ourselves from the potential negative effects of stressors. We are not born resilient and it takes work and awareness to use your mental processes and behaviors to become resilient.  In this session we will discuss a few different practices to understand this concept and master these skills.
View the recording here.
January 28: Let’s Have Self-compassion
In this session we will talk about this taboo subject and how becoming more compassionate to ourselves can make a big difference in our overall health and well-being.  Learn what Self-compassion is and what it is not.  We will practice targeting those compassionate feeling towards ourselves.
View the recording here.
February 4: Let’s Learn to Relax
Putting it all together to live your best life!  In this session, we will practice a variety of techniques to change to chill.  Join us in comfortable clothes, be ready to breathe, relax and just be!
View the recording here.

If you have any other questions or would like more information about the Change to Chill program, please contact Change to Chill program staff at [email protected].