Living with Grief

During times of uncertainty, unrest and even the changing of seasons, we hear more about grief and loss. But what exactly is grief and what are we allowed and not allowed to grieve?

Grief is the natural response to the loss of something or someone important to you. It can include emotions, physical sensations (heartache is real), and changes in the way you think. It is something everyone inevitably experiences eventually and it is completely unique to individuals and each situation. No two experiences of grief are the same.

Grief is often related to a death, but not always. People grieve loss of health, changing relationships, moving to a different school or home, experiencing trauma, ending an era of life, changing routine, and much more. There are no rules about what is or is not okay to grieve.

Just as each person’s experience with grief is unique, so are the things that help. Here is a list of things that many people find important to do or remember as part of the process.

  1. Be patient with yourself.
  2. Do what you can to keep some normal routine for health and social contact.
  3. Connect with others.
  4. Take the time you need.
  5. Find rituals and activities that support your journey.

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