Making Mental Health a Priority

Life can be stressful!  Here are some ideas to help effectively deal with stress and manage your time:

  1. Identify your sources of stress
    • The first step to managing stress is to figure out what your stressors are
  2. Make a plan
    • Create a to-do list for your day and conquer your tasks, one by one
  3. Take deep breaths
    • Deep breaths can help you relax and focus on the present
  4. Ask for help
    • It’s easier to manage your stress when you let others lend a hand
  5. Get enough sleep
    • Sleep deprivation causes a lower tolerance for stress
  6. Eat right
    • Don’t stress your body out, too!
  7. Move around
    • Physical activity is one of the most effective stress relievers and releases endorphins
  8. Don’t ignore stress
    • When you recognize and accept that you’re stressed, you’re able to take stress-relieving actions
  9. Enjoy yourself
    • Find activities or hobbies that bring you joy! Schedule time for things your enjoy

COMING SOON: “Stress & Identity”

We are all living in a time of uncertainty. Stress levels are rising not only for adults, but also for our kids and teens. Your Change to Chill and Health Powered Kids teams are here to support you and reduce mental health stigma through a Mental Health Virtual Care Package for students, teachers, and parents who are all adjusting to the new “normal.” In our care package you’ll find activities for de-stressing that can be done as a group, as a family, one-on-one with a child or as an individual. We know our community can build resilience through stress prevention and reduction activities like physical activity, mindfulness and more to get through this challenging period.