Managing Back to School Stress

Step 1: Understanding Stress

Teaching students how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress can be helpful as they work to better manage their mental well-being. Here are a few Change to Chill resources that can help:

Step 2: Reflecting and Practicing Coping Skills 

Once they have an understanding of these concepts, encourage self-reflection on their own experiences with stress and engaging in healthy coping skills. Here are some tools to share:

  • Our Stress Factor Quiz, which can help them better understand their unique stress factors.
  • This reflective worksheet to get them thinking about how their experiences with stress have changed over time.
  • These chill breaks, which are short de-stress exercises to incorporate into their daily routines.

As a supportive adult, you may also find our tips for talking with teens about stress and mental well-being helpful as you support the student(s) in your life on their mental well-being journey.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. While suicide prevention is important to address year-round, this is a dedicated time for people, organizations, and communities to raise their voices to broadcast the message that suicide can be prevented, and healing is possible.
In recognition of this awareness month, check out Change to Chill’s suicide prevention resources. And keep in mind the new national mental health crisis hotline (988) is now available for those struggling with thoughts of suicide or other mental health crises to get immediate assistance.

Well-being Resources for All Ages

Did you know that Allina Health has well-being resources for folks of all ages? In addition to Change to Chill, which focuses on youth ages 13-19, Allina Health has two sister programs we encourage you to check out!
Hello4Health is a resource for adults, with tools and activities to help build or strengthen social connections.
Health Powered Kids is a resource for youth ages 3-14, with lesson plans to help kids Be Active, Keep Clean, Find Balance and Eat Well.