Nutrition and Stress

Did you know that approximately 95% of your body’s serotonin, also known as the body’s “happy chemical”, is found in your gut?

What you eat matters! Food is fuel and it affects your energy levels, your brain power and your mood.

Next time you reach for a snack, grab a protein-packed option or a member of the traditional food groups and be mindful of what you eat!

We could all use a Chill Week!….

Let’s face it. The last few months have been tough on all of us in different ways. We could all use a break. This year, Change to Chill is inviting you to join us in celebrating Chill Week from your home or school next week, October 11-15th.

Explore what Change to Chill has to offer in the form of relaxation, finding balance and unwinding on themed days. Review our Chill Week guide to find ways to Chill at home or at school throughout the week!