Social Isolation

Navigating Social Interactions…

Relationships have changed in ways we could not have predicted. Many of us are finding that friends have changed, groups have changed, and people no longer share common interests.

1. Start with small conversations.
2. Reflect, clarify, and be curious. Paraphrasing and repeating back , demonstrates empathy and helps clarify both of your concerns (this is a key component of active listening). By being curious and trying to understand another’s perspective, you invite others to be comfortable opening up to you.
3. Partner and problem solve.  When others believe you are a partner, they can lower their guard and engage more readily. When you allow for a two-way conversation, your child will be more comfortable opening up.
5. Practice.  Pair the social-emotional skills you are working on with low-key, fun opportunities to build confidence. There are valuable social skills that come from interacting in a less-structured environment. Make this practice a game by including supportive opportunities with close friends, family, or a group.

Change to Chill School Partnership Update

Congratulations to the 23 new schools and 37 returning schools that have been awarded funding through the Change to Chill School Partnership for the 2021-2022 school year! Here is some information to share with your school community about this Partnership:

Change to Chill (CTC) is a free, online resource offered by Allina Health that provides tools and resources to help teens figure out what stress is, what causes it, and, most importantly, how to manage it. The website offers a wide variety of activities and information for both teens and caring adults around topics such as mindfulness, guided imagery, practicing gratitude, resiliency building and more. For the 2021-2022 school year, your student’s school has been awarded funding through the Change to Chill School Partnership! This in-depth, school-based component of CTC provides schools across Minnesota and Western Wisconsin hands-on support from Allina Health, specialized staff trainings, and funding to create a “Chill Zone” – all focused on creating and supporting a culture of mental well-being in the school community. Spend some time, either alone or with your student, familiarizing yourself with Change to Chill.

The student survey also opens TODAY! This helps us to understand the effects Change to Chill is having on the students directly and your school environment more broadly. Please ensure that your students complete this survey before Friday, October 8thCheck your email for the survey link.