Stay Socially Connected

With Social Distancing, we have not been connecting as much face-to-face. Loneliness is everywhere. If you are feeling lonely, odds are most people are! What can you do this week? Reach out and connect, get together safely, while physically distancing.

Research shows that happy people spend more time with others and have a richer set of social connections than unhappy people. Studies even show that the simple act of talking to a stranger on the street can boost our mood more than we expect.

This week, try to focus on making one new social connection per day. It can be a small 5-minute act like sparking a conversation with someone waiting in line. Or try taking one whole hour to connect with someone you care about.The key is that you must take the time needed to genuinely connect with another person. At the end of the day, list the social connection you made and notice how you feel when you write it down.

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