Students Created Their Own Chill Zone at Burnsville HS — See How You Can Too

Burnsville High School senior Katie Fritz had felt increasingly overwhelmed and stressed when she took on an after-school job during her junior year. As balancing classwork, a new job and extracurriculars became overwhelming, she knew she needed a change.

Katie in the chill room

This year, Fritz and classmate Kylie Krick, also a junior, took it upon themselves to create a chill room in their high school. Their chill room soon became a place students could spend a few moments away from class to relax and manage their stress and anxiety.

It just so happens that Burnsville High School was selected by our Change to Chill partnership this year! With an extra edge to pursue change, Fritz and Krick took part in our paid summer internship and received $1,000 for creating a Chill Zone in their school.

To continue their efforts, our partnership also includes ongoing support for Burnsville High School students. This includes mental health training for the school staff and free online resources they can use to further promote mental health awareness and well-being for other Burnsville students.

the burnsville HS chill room
Katie Fritz and Kylie Krick created Burnsville High School’s Chill Zone. They hope the new resource will help students manage stress and anxiety at school.

How can you make a change in your school?

Take charge in your school by creating your own chill zone and empowering your classmates and teachers to foster a culture of mental well-being in your school. Use our Stress Relief Action Guide to get started!

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