Take Pride

Change to Chill is honoring pride month this year by recognizing the impact the LGBTQIA+ community has had throughout history and highlight the mental health disparities that exist within the community.

Youth who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community in Minnesota report significantly higher rates of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts than their cisgender, heterosexual counterparts. Fear of coming out and being discriminated against for sexual orientation and gender identities can lead to depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, thoughts of suicide and substance abuse. People identifying as LGBTQIA+ confront stigma and prejudice based on their sexual orientation or gender identity while also dealing with the societal bias against mental health conditions.

Ending stigma, bias and discrimination around mental illness, sexual orientation and gender identity are crucial steps in creating a safer, healthier world.
In an effort to close the gap in mental health disparities, Change to Chill is working in partnership with Hennepin County Public Health to create specific content to address unique needs of youth identifying as LGBTQIA+. Learn more about the partnership here.

Looking for tools to help?

Visit Change to Chill’s Healthy Communication and Reducing Stigma pages to learn more about steps you can take to build a culture of acceptance and understanding.