Finding Balance: Virtual Fall Series

Discover new ways to manage stress and anxiety in a changing environment with free webinars from our virtual series in October and November!

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View a recording of one or more of our virtual well-being and mindfulness webinars!

This series is designed for both youth and adults who are coping with changing circumstances. Participants will learn new skills and tools to better balance their lives, change their perspectives, find focus and care for themselves.

Virtual Fall Series:

October 22: Balancing Act – Navigating the New Norm

A lot of people talk about finding life balance, but what does that really mean? We’ll explore what’s important to you and how you can learn to prioritize daily demands while still taking care of you!
Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize physical and emotional signs of stress and how to cope
  • Assess individual life balance
  • Understand the myth of multi-tasking Is there one key myth or should this be myths

October 29: Change Your Perspective – A Mental Remix

Stuck in a rut? Every once in a while, we need a mental remix – mentally remixing how we deal with stress and respond to others in stressful situations. Join us to learn new strategies to change your perspective and gain clarity!
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify strategies to change your perspective
  • Recognize the difference between actual and perceived state of things
  • Practice awareness activities and other mindfulness-based stress techniques to increase resiliency
Watch the recording here.

November 12: Finding Focus – Mindfulness for Extracurricular Activities

Research shows a strong link between the practice of mindfulness and increased performance in athletics and other activities. Learn new tools to put your mind into focus during practice or competition and discover new ways to thrive with the changing circumstances.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define mindfulness and explain the benefits of the practice on performance and preparation
  • Access tools and resources to support mindfulness practice individually and in teams
  • Identify new strategies to cope with changing circumstances in extracurricular activities
Watch the recording here.

November 19: Self-care for the Soul: What it is & What it is not

Simple in theory but more challenging in practice, self-care is something we often overlook. Discover what self-care is and what it is not, and create a plan to incorporate self-care practices into your life.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define self-care and recognize the difference between fulfilling and draining practices
  • Identify self-care habits and activities in your own life
  • Practice completing a self-care plan
Watch the recording here.

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