What does it mean to be self-aware?

Being self-aware means knowing what’s important to you—what makes you tick—and living in ways that are consistent with that. If you know what’s important to you and use that to make decisions about how to spend your time, you’ll be more likely to feel at ease, successful, happy and well.

What are values? Why are they important? Why is it important for you to be clear about your own values?

A lot of people talk about “finding life balance.” For adults, it’s often about work and family. For you, it might mean having a good mix of school, activities, time with friends and family, and time to just relax.

What sometimes gets missed in this conversation is talking about valuespracticing gratitudesleep and self care. Learn more about incorporating balance into your daily life with mental health resources from Change to Chill.

Determine Your Values

We all know what we value, right? Sometimes it can be hard to think of all the things you value in life. Take a look at this activity to outline what things are most important to you and then put those values into action by taking a look at how much time you dedicate to those things that matter most to you.

“Values Circle” worksheet


The most stuff we have the happier we are. Right? Not so much. Research actually shows that only 10% of your happiness comes from your circumstances…the rest is up to you! While this might feel daunting, the good news is that even when things aren’t going the way you want to them you have the power to shape your emotions.

“Gratitude” worksheet

“Gratitude” meditation script 

Three Good Things

Positive Affirmations

Did you know your thoughts help shape your reality? We all have an inner voice in our heads that helps us navigate each day.

Positive affirmations are encouraging messages you speak, write or think to yourself to support yourself. They help interrupt patterns of negative thought, build self-compassion and help achieve desired behaviors.

Practicing daily affirmations can help increase positive thought patterns and the way you see yourself. Check out this Affirmations Activity to get started.

Affirmations Activity

Sleep - What's the Big Deal?

Do you know how many hours of sleep you get a night? Do you know how many hours of sleep youshouldbe getting a night? According to the latest research, you should aim for 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Sleep is a critical part of your overall health and wellness and rest plays an especially important role in your mental health and your ability to deal with stress and anxiety.

Change to Chill Sleep Tracker

Tips for Better Sleep

Better Sleep Tips Handout

Head-to-Toe Relaxation

Are you looking for a way to find more balance in life? This relaxation exercise is a great way to practice self care or help you fall asleep at night. Give it a try!

Head-to-Toe Relaxation

Just Breathe Meditation

Even thinking about balancing everything in your life – school, friends, family, work, sports – can feel a bit overwhelming even though it can ultimately be helpful. Your breath is a tool that is always available to you so knowing how to use it to calm and center can be helpful in any situation.

Just Breathe