Changing to Chill is what’s known as a practice.

It’s something you do regularly and learn about over time. No one ever just learns to chill once and then is done. You can use the lessons and instructions that follow to lead a series of trainings over time with a group of teens, giving them the tools they need to incorporate stress reduction and mindfulness practices into their lives in meaningful ways.

Life Balance

A balanced lifestyle sets the stage for optimal health and happiness, now and for the long term. Use these steps to help teens explore what balance looks like for them and how they can achieve it.

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Mindful Movement

It is important for teens to be mindful, as it can apply to the way our bodies move and feel. Learn the ways you can help them gain benefits by focusing on the pauses or rest.

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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery can have many health-related physical and emotional benefits. The steps that follow can help you teach teens to use their imaginations to change how they are feeling and what they are focused on.

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Mental Remix

Once in a while, we all need a Mental Remix. This lesson helps you provide the resources teens need to remix how they deal with stress.

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CTC for Athletes and Performers

Prepping for a big game or performance can be stressful. Helping your teen incorporate mindfulness into a routine can help, no matter what athletic or performance-based activity they engage in.

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