Browse the fun, yet calming, hands-on projects or practice relaxation with the meditation audio tracks and mindful exercise movements.


DIY Projects can be relaxing for teens. Find a project that you enjoy and allow yourself to relax and have fun!

Audio Meditations

Meditation is among the top chill out activities. Listen to one of these audio meditations, then see how your body feels.

Head To Toe Relaxation
Head to Toe Relaxation Script
Awareness Experiment
Awareness Experiment Script
Just Breath
Just Breathe Meditation Script
Gratitude Meditation
Gratitude Meditation Script
Calm Practice
Calm Practice Script
Special Place Guided Imagery
Special Place Guided Imagery Script

Exercises/Mindful Movement

If you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys physical activity, try one of these mindful movements as your chill out activity.

  • Seated Pigeon

    Improves Mobility

  • Cobra

    Releases pressure on the spine

  • Dolphin

    Stretches the upper back and shoulders, hamstrings, calves and foot arches simultaneously

  • Frog

    Improves the strength of connective tissue around the ankles and knees, making it a great warm-up movement before lower-body exercises

  • Bridge

    Very lightly stretch tight spots while giving athletes a chance for deep relaxation, which speeds up recovery

  • Reclined Big Toe

    Strengthens the knees and can target the IT band (a common tight spot in runners) and can relieve backaches and sciatic pain. Using a band/strap makes it accessible for everyone.

  • Boat Pose

    Increases abdominal and hip flexor strength

  • Bow Pose

    Stretches the front of the body, improves posture and strengthens the back muscles