Laugh It Off

When the world seems heavy, it’s often difficult to remember routines and what “normal” feels like. For many, opportunities for laughter and play have changed as well…and sometimes became more scarce.

Sometimes, a deep belly laugh is just what we need. Laughter lowers cortisol which helps reduce anxiety, relieves tension, releases endorphins and helps heal the body. Sharing laughter can also evoke feelings of warmth and caring for one another.

Play can help us bring out that laughter we need. It helps us relax, form deeper connections with others and find joy at any age. Play can also help improve problem-solving because your unconscious mind stays active while your conscious mind is focused on something else.

Take a moment, find a friend or family member and share a joke or engage in play! Fresh out of ideas? It’s cow appreciation day and we think you can get in the moo-d for it!

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