Reducing Stigma about Stress and Related Conditions

Stigma is a mark of disgrace that sets an individual or a group apart. It’s a label. A stereotype. A pre-judgment before getting to really know the person and the details of their situation. Stigma leads people to reject, avoid, or fear those they perceive as different. We’ve all seen stigma in action, and probably experienced it ourselves as well.

There are lots of different kinds of stigma. At Change to Chill, we’re most concerned with stigma about stress and related problems such as anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions. We also know there can be stigma about things people do to take care of themselves, such as meditation or breathing exercises. Some people think those things are silly or really weird. But we know they are really awesome…and we’re out to convince others of the same thing!

You can be a part of helping in the fight against stigma! Check out these facts and conversation starters about stigma and start being the change today.