Finding Balance When Everything Is Out of Order

Life tends to feel a lot better when we’re clear about what’s important to us, and then organize and prioritize our time and energy with that in mind. This Change to Chill activity is designed to help you do just that. But sometimes, even when we have the best of intentions, life throws us for a loop. It’s easy then to feel defeated…like we aren’t actually in control.

The problem is when we compare how life is to how we think it should be. If we hang on too hard to expectations and stuck ways of thinking, we miss opportunities in the here and now.

Try doing this worksheet a little bit different from how it’s designed. Complete the first page just as described. But on the second page, divide up the pie using only options that are available to you right now. For example, maybe you’re missing your spring sports season. What’s something active you can do with that time that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were busy with practices and games. Or maybe you said that time with friends and family is super important. How can you find new ways to connect with your friends that honor social distancing, and things to do with your family that you might not have considered?

We can’t always control the circumstances of our lives, but we can find balance in the ways we deal with those circumstances. That’s what Change to Chill is all about.