Volunteering and Well-Being

Not only is volunteering a great way to get involved in your community and develop new connections, it also helps your own mental health and well-being. Our sister program, Hello4Health, notes those who volunteer experience many benefits, including:

  • Increased overall happiness
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved physical health
  • Learning new skills
  • Finding a sense of purpose
  • Developing new connections

All of this in addition to the good you’re doing in your community and the causes you care about!

Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Last month, we launched Supporting Supporters, a new podcast by Change to Chill! This podcast features 10-15 minute episodes hosted by Allina Health mental health professionals on a variety of topics.

Have you listened to the podcast? Do you have suggestions or recommendations? Are there specific topics you’d like to hear more about? We want to hear from YOU!
Click this link to take a brief survey and help inform this ongoing project.

Community Happenings

Change to Chill’s new resources for Native and Indigenous Youth, created in partnership with Indigenous Peoples’ Task Force (IPTF), were recently featured in an interview with KSTP. Three of the teens who created videos featured on the new page participated in the interview and spoke to the importance of cultural practices in managing mental health and well-being. Suzanne Nash, a Programs Manager at IPTF, and Sydney Hobart, Community Health Improvement Consultant at Allina Health, were also featured.

Watch the full interview here.

Well-being Resources for All Ages

Did you know that Allina Health has well-being resources for folks of all ages? In addition to Change to Chill, which focuses on youth ages 13-19, Allina Health has two sister programs we encourage you to check out!

Hello4Health is a resource for adults, with tools and activities to help build or strengthen social connections.

Health Powered Kids is a resource for youth ages 5-14, with lesson plans to help kids Be Active, Keep Clean, Find Balance and Eat Well.